Being Fat is like having a lot of Credit Card Debt

Being Fat is not fun.

Why are so many people, including me, fat?

Fat is baggage from a previous life.

It is like interest on a credit card. You cannot even remember what all you spent that money on to drive the balance so high.

Do you remember every cookie? More than likely the answer is no, but yet we are still paying the price.

I hope you make your health a priority in 2021. Time is not on our side for this one.

If you need some help or resources let me know and I will do what I can.

To Your Health!

Resources for Sobriety

Normies drink.

People who do not drink have a “drinking problem”

Read that again and think about that.

People that abstain for drinking alcohol – a drug – a poison – are the ones with the problem?

I do not make light of this but to highlight that if you are looking at your relationship with alcohol and want to make some changes there are resources here to explore besides AA.

Resources for Sobriety – Tempest – Holly Whitaker

Move towards healing.

Holly Whitaker

If I can be of help to you, let me know.

The Return of the Personal Blog

Are you old enough to remember blogs?

I am talking about personal blogs written by real people for real people. Not long form content marketing written for SEO and Google’s black box.

A Blog is a truncation of "weblog"

weblogs: a history and perspective is a post from Rebecca Blood written 2000. Shit like this makes me love the internet.

When Social Media Fails

Big Tech is not your friend.

Their algorithm is not your friend.

Fall of 2019 I deleted my Facebook account.

Fall of 2020 I deleted my Instagram account.

Watch out Twitter – I have my eye on you!

I never looked back.

I think 2021 is the start of the shift back to personal blogs.

>It’s where you can share what you learn daily (and let automations spread the message to whatever social media platform hasn’t ruined society lately).

>It’s where you control the narrative (as much as that can be done at all).

>It’s stable. It’s a playground for your creativity. It’s your place to be generous with what you learn and kind to those who care enough to learn with you.

>It’s a place to build relationships with those who care. Those relationships will determine your future projects, experiences, and outlook.

>It’s not the only place for these things, but it’s your place for these things, and that makes all the difference.

From It’s Time to Get Personal CJ Chilvers 2021.

I do want to share what I am doing. I want to provide context for the conversations I am having with people. Life’s celebrations and life’s difficult lessons learned.

I want to say.

“Here’s what I see, here’s how you can be part of it.” Seth Godin

A new school but an old school personal blog.

Here I write for you. My friend.

Pleasure Principle

When I person cannot find deep meaning they distract themselves with pleasure

Victor Frankl

Read that again and sit with it.

Pleasure is an addictive loop. Most people hear addictive behavior and think drugs, alcohol etc. But today it can be your phone, processed food or porn.

Instead of writing out your goals for 2021 that might not see the light of day again, decide to make a small change.

Learn to be alone and bored.

When you feel that twitch to distract yourself push in on that feeling. What are you distracting yourself from?

Write it down. Journal about it. Think about it.

Thinking About Alcohol in 2021

I have been sober for a little over 2 years. I did not have a “rock bottom” moment but I did feel like I was living inside of the movie “Ground Hog Day”. I hoped for change but I ended up repeating the same patterns over and over.

You might have woke up thinking about drinking less in 2021 or taking a break or whatever. You had thoughts about your relationship with alcohol.

It is difficult enough dealing with an addictive substance in your own mind. It becomes even more difficult when our culture makes alcohol a binary decision. “Normies” drink. The weirdo’s who have a personal problem do not.

How is it possible we have allowed our culture to stigmatize doing something that is clearly healthy for ourselves? – Not drinking a poison.

As I was making this video – “How to Start Your Sobriety Journey in 2021” I was adding notes to it and googled “Holly Whitaker” – the all around bad ass who wrote “Quit Like a Woman”. And instead of finding links to Holly’s site I find out that Chrissy Teigen broke the internet by announcing that she has been sober for 4 weeks. Friend gave her Holly’s book. The LA Times did a story about it.

I cannot express how much more I like my life without alcohol.

I am here to help and to talk if you need me.

Texas Trout 2020

Winter means trout season in Central Texas. It took some effort to learn how to catch these wonderful fish but they are a joy.

I am grateful for the Texas Parks and Wildlife department and the Guadalupe River Trout Unlimited chapter for the work they do year after year to keep these lovely fish stocked and maintained.

Let me know if you would like to go fishing with me. I am happy to show you what I have learned.

What is a Decade Journal and Why You Should Start One.

It is 1 book.
It is one journal that has at least 150 pages.

I use a A5 Leuchtturm 1917. But I also like and use Baron Fig’s Confidant notebooks.

The idea is to create a personal artifact. To have 1 book that can answer the following questions.

What did my life look like 10 years ago? Did I live a life that I wanted or intended to live?

On Jan 1st, 2020 I was 51. I thought back over the previous 20 years. 2000 – 2020. I had lived in multiple states. I was married, divorced and remarried. I have several jobs. I had several computers and digital devices – most of which are gone. My music went from being on CD’s to Minidiscs to mp3s to iTunes/iPod to iPhone to streaming. That is 4 transitions in my music when the previous 80 years only saw records to tapes to CDs.

My point is not about media and how fast things are moving.

My point is I would value at 51 having 2 journals that I could hold and touch. That I could see my own handwriting and feel a connection to the past.

I would turn the pages while reading and not break the emotional connection I feel with myself. I could see life lessons learned. I could see joy and celebration.

This could all be accomplished with one notebook. The pen could change over the years. But the notebook would be there.

The Method

  • Get as Notebook
  • Record your month on the last day of that month using 1 page only.
  • Record your year on the last day of the year using 2 pages.

Any other variations are up to you but I would encourage you to keep it simple.

I often reflect that having 2 journals that I could hold in my hands that had captured my previous 20 years of life would matter to me.

A personal artifact.

I cannot change the past but I can change my future.
I started my decade journal Jan 1st, 2020.
You can start yours this month.
Your friend.

PS. Here is a video I made last year to document my idea and concept.