Be Your Hero In Your Weight Loss Story

Don Miller in his book StoryBrand – outlines the basic story structure. There are 4 key players to every story.

  • Victim
  • Villain
  • The Guide
  • The Hero

I have played the first 3 and know those parts well. It is the Hero I struggle with.
You know the Hero – the guy who gets the girl or the money or both! In this case the hero goes from fat dude to buff dude. I would be nice to have my wife look at me once before I die with a “damn that is hot” look in her eye.

Victim / Villain

  • The food industry is working against me.
  • My wife cooked this lovely meal on my fasting day.
  • I will start this awesome plan tomorrow.

I tell myself lies all the time. I believe them. It is horrible cycle.
There are 2 voices in our heads. One is the lizard brain. One is the rational brain. The rational brain plays the victim to the lizard brain. Lizard brain lies to us all the time.

  • It is just one cookie
  • You are at a party are you really going to not eat a piece of cake that would be rude right?
  • You can start tomorrow – lets eat pizza today – your workout was sooooo good.

You have to conquer this.

I do this with food rules that Dr. Glen Livingston teaches in his book – Never Binge Again. I do not eat fruit. I do not eat grain. I will never ever eat fruit again. These are just examples. The food is free. Get it. Read it.

The Guide

This is my favorite distraction and I place this under the heading of “Doctor – heal thyself”

The cycle is easy to see. I feel either beat down by the villain or I feel a wee bit of success and power from completing a work out or shorter term fast and I take to twitter or YouTube and I learn something.

I then incorporate that knowledge into my story and decide – yes this is right. This is what I and other should do. But instead of implementing it and then reporting back my findings – success or failures – decide to proclaim and share this new secret knowledge to others under the misconception that I am helping others.

What a fool I am.

That is why I changed the tag line of this blog and on my twitter and instagram feed to “Instead of telling others how to fix themselves, I am fixing me.”

My Hero: Me

No one is going to help you. It’s you against yourself forever. – David Goggins

So true. You cannot make me act. I cannot make you act. I have to decide to take action. Today. Right now. Not after this cookie. Not after that slice of pizza. Now. This second and every second moving forward. Be your hero.
Does the hero you admire binge on pizza when things get difficult? Not in the movies and stories I read and watch.

Gather Tools for your Toolbelt

I know I have enough tools in my tool belt to complete my journey. There was a time when knowledge lacking. Not today. I have know about what to eat since 2012. I now have other journaling tools to keep me on track. If I fail, it is because I have given myself permission to do so.

Here are my tools.

  • Fasting – Restrict WHEN I eat
    Eat Low Carb. Good Fat. Limit how much I eat.
    Use Meta Script technique from Mark Queppet from Universal Man. This will help me correct my mind when I make mistakes.
    Keystone Habit to Course Correct on the Fly – designed by Dr. Cameron Sepah.
  • Bottom Line – Stop telling people and just be. Be great everyday. You are worth it. Stay in the Fight and we can celebrate together.

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