Day 4 – Completed a 24 Hour Fast & Still Going

10:38pm – I am feeling great. I am sleepy. But I feel great. I was able to complete a 24 hours fast. I am at hour 25 or so right now and I am about to go to sleep so I made it. So I am pretty confident that I will reach 36 hours and maybe 40 hours.

25 hours and rolling.

I watch YouTube videos of people that fast 48 or 72 hours for 3 -5 months and lose a lot of weight. 100 pounds. 70 pounds etc. and I want that for myself.

Today was a little different because I was able to keep my head out of the fridge. I never lied to myself and said – one boiled egg will be fine. Sure I would break my fast but it is “good for me” … and you know what keep my on track from that lie?

I would look at the Zero app – see that count down ticking and thought about right now. Me writing this blog post. I wanted to be able to sit and write that I did it. I thought about how I would feel writing this post and that feeling got me through.

You know what? It feels fucking great.

See you tomorrow.

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