30 Day Challenge – No Fruit. No Dairy.

Fruit and Dairy.

Both cause me digestive and inflammation issues.

Fructose is not good for me. It is a driver of obesity and insulin resistance.

See Dr. Jason Fung explanation.

See The Bitter Truth – by Dr Robert Lustig – Longer video but eye opening.

This could be strawberry ice cream.

Blueberries and Greek Yogurt.

Dried Cranberries as a snack.

The list goes on. I am a fan of fruit. I was a fan of craft beer too but I said goodbye in 2018. Sometimes in life your love is not returned.

I commit to myself to not have fruit or dairy for the next 30 days. July 16, 2020 through August 15th, 2020.

You can ask @vickiegrier for confirmation of my updates if you need validation.

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