Thinking About Alcohol in 2021

I have been sober for a little over 2 years. I did not have a “rock bottom” moment but I did feel like I was living inside of the movie “Ground Hog Day”. I hoped for change but I ended up repeating the same patterns over and over.

You might have woke up thinking about drinking less in 2021 or taking a break or whatever. You had thoughts about your relationship with alcohol.

It is difficult enough dealing with an addictive substance in your own mind. It becomes even more difficult when our culture makes alcohol a binary decision. “Normies” drink. The weirdo’s who have a personal problem do not.

How is it possible we have allowed our culture to stigmatize doing something that is clearly healthy for ourselves? – Not drinking a poison.

As I was making this video – “How to Start Your Sobriety Journey in 2021” I was adding notes to it and googled “Holly Whitaker” – the all around bad ass who wrote “Quit Like a Woman”. And instead of finding links to Holly’s site I find out that Chrissy Teigen broke the internet by announcing that she has been sober for 4 weeks. Friend gave her Holly’s book. The LA Times did a story about it.

I cannot express how much more I like my life without alcohol.

I am here to help and to talk if you need me.

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