Happiest I have Ever Been – Right Now

2020 with all of the heartbreak and craziness has had a silver lining for me.


The world slowed down for COVID and the most important person in the world to me started working from home.

The time I have spent with my wife this year has changed me. Changed me for the better.

The flowers above are a result of us doing things together. I particularly like this one of the 2 flowers together. I like to think that they are me and V. Two people in love with our faces towards the sun.

Labor Day Golf

I have played golf since I was 12.

I have played golf is at least 10 states.

It is a thread that is weaved into my life.

When I walk the round, as I did today, I daydream of time and places I have played before.

There is a nostalgic quality to the feelings I get but there is also hope and gratitude as I feel present in the day.

Today was a good day.