My 2021 Weight Loss Reset

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I am obese with 90 pounds to lose.

I have repeated the same pattern the last 4 years of my life. It happens in 3 acts.

Act 1

January I get pissed at myself that I have gained weight through the holidays. I learn to forgive myself and I recommit myself.

Act 2

Feburary thought August

2 steps forward 1 step back. But weight comes off slowly. I do well for a week or two and then when I see success I “treat” myself to ice cream or some shit by telling myself I earned it. I earned it when I still look like this?

Act 3

Septmeber through December

I say fuck it. I accept bad self talk and give up. I tried hard and I am the same I have been for years, I tell myself. Enjoy the holidays and we can look at getting this going again.

I lose 20 pounds.

I gain 20 pounds.

2020 – 2021

This year I did a little something different. With COVID and my Gold Gym being closed, I took to Youtube looking for workouts I could do at home and I found JT Texieria of Body Weight Strength

I also joined his community on discord via patreon.

I also decided to experiment with carnivore diet.

  • Beef
  • Seafood – Oysters, Shrimp, Sardines etc
  • Eggs
  • Bacon (limited)
  • Coffee (black) + Tea (hot and iced)
  • Avocado – with my sardines

I was successful.

So what happened?

I slowly started to go back to old eating habits. The difference this time was I never said “fuck it” I would reset.

On an asside resetting and starting again can be seen as a postive – the “Never Give up!” Good for you!. But reseting and then feeling that you know in 3 days there is an event you have to go to and that you might break etc. It wears you down.

Lesson #1 is that you must be honest with yourself. That is why I take pictures like these with my shirt off. I need to face myself. I assure you in my minds eye – I do not look that fat. In fact in todays FAT America – I look around and I am pretty normal.

Long and Short

Jan 1, 2021 my weight was 256 pounds.

Jul 1, 2021 my weight was 258 pounds.

I broke the cycle.

So now what?

To be honest, I had a small melt down yesterday. I had pitty party for myself “I will never be appropriate weight and strong. Just say fuck it.”

But the next day, I faced facts, and set my resolve. Again.

Lesson #2 No one is coming to save me. It is me vs myself each day. Each Hour. Each Minute.

Opportunity is here.

I am going to get this journey done and if you care to follow along – I am going to document my progress here.

My moto is showing not telling.

If you have questions, email me and ask. But recommendations? I do not have much to offer. Follow along and see what I do and if it might work for you.

It is my hope that my journey might inspire someone to start theirs.

Thank you for reading. Terry

Day 7 – My June 2020 Plan

June 1st and 2nd (today) have been my typical pattern that leads me to the following results.

June 1, 2019 – I weighed 265
June 1, 2020 – I weighed 265

In that 12 month period my lowest weight was 245.

My highest weight was 280.

That is a 35 pound difference.

Here is one more graph to bring the point home.

My first weight loss graph

It dates back ten years to 2010. I am pretty sure I was over 300 pounds since 2007.

I found a book in 2012. The Rosedale Diet. Interesting book considering it was written in 2006. It was about eating low carb and the right type of fats to control the hormone Leptin. You can see in the graph it worked. It was a great time in my life. I did not really understand the science. I did not care about the science. I followed what the book said and I lost 75 pounds.

Since 2015 I have been stuck in the Victim/Villain/Guide loop. I learned more and more and more and more and more and more and with each passing book I could not get the weight loss to resume. I have another 100 pounds to lose. Fuck. 100 pounds.

But at this point who fucking cares. I am going to solve the problem.

Here is what I am doing.


For a whole list of reasons I operate best with structure and fewer options. I have no issue eating the same things. I am the guy that order the same meal at the same restaurant.

Here is my Food List:

  • Sardines – and other fish
  • Eggs – Farm Eggs – mostly boiled
  • Avocados
  • Black Coffee / Tea
  • Water and Snake Juice (for fasting days)

These are rules. There is no doubt if I follow them or not. You could be with my 24/7 for the next 30 days and know if I ate according to this plan. That is why I want to make them simple. Easy for me to know if I am following my plan or not. No grey.


My goal is to eat 2x a week. Therefore a 72 hour fast and a 48 hour fast. I am thinking Sundays and Wednesdays as my eating days.Repeat.

My Blogging Schedule: –

Sunday – Friday

Saturdays will be off – Family time

See You Tomorrow.

Day 1

This is my daily online accountability journal.

When temptation is high and willpower is low I will turn to writing here.

It will become a level of defense. Dr. Tro in his last townhall showed a slide with the Swiss Cheese Model of Defense. You need multiple levels. When my mind is telling me lies – I will press into them. Find the lie. Assert my control. Follow the plan I want for my life.

I am going to write as the day progresses.

8:42am CDT

Woke up feeling refreshed. It was a night of good sleep.
Today my goal is to fast. Get through one day without eating.

My focus is on getting below 250 this week. That will require for me to stick to my routine for longer than 3 days in a row.

If you remember – my current and long term pattern is to get serious for 3-4 days both in what I eat and exercise and then generally on the weekends – I “reward” myself. It starts small but that little bit of sugar or carb opens a flood gate and I go seeking out more of it. Then as the story goes when I try to get back on plan, the cravings for carbs and sugar are still there.

In the words of my friend Holly Whitaker – There are somethings that you do not fuck with. Addictive substances are one of them. Alcohol/Drugs and Sugar/Fructose is one of them.


I want to eat something. I have avocados. But I feel if I eat an avocado it will make me want to eat more.

I swallowed a spoon of coconut oil. I am trying to view it as medicine. It will take the edge of hunger away.

This is my personal favorite brand. I like the mild and delicate flavor version. I have bought the HUGE vat at Costco before but I never used all of it. This is small. Tastes great. Easy to manage. Has less of a wax texture that that costco version had.


That small bite of coconut oil got me thinking about food and I went into the fridge – before I came to write here – I had a boiled egg.

Note: Will I allow coconut oil on these fasting days – at least these early days as a crutch? Do I need the crutch?

Dashboard Update

Current Weight: 266.6
Trend Line: 267.1
Starting Weight: 275

Days without the following:
Fruit: 1
Sugar: 1
Grain: 1
Dairy: 1

BWS Workouts: 1

Person Growth Dashboard Days without:
Limited Screen/Scrolling: 0